Michael valladares

Marine Veteran / Business Owner / Investor

In January 2018, I retired from the U.S. Marines as a Master Sergeant with 23 years of service.   I turned my passion for leading young Marines into a passion for helping business owners by starting Fidelis Commercial Capital.  After my first year, I teamed up with Key Credit Corp.  I took on another partnership with ProCommerce Capital to learn more about commercial lending and that resulted in me being offered a position to train and coach a team of loan brokers.

During the COVID19 pandemic, I turned my focus from helping business owners to helping real estate investors.  This shift opened my eyes to the possibilities to become a lender and help others by offering affordable housing as an investors.  After hundreds of conversations with real estate investors, I noticed a common problem with most of them, they were “going at it alone” and most got their real estate investing education from a book or YouTube.  I was introduced to a national network of real estate investors and jumped on the opportunity to learn from practitioner instructors and attend masterminds with other real estate investors.

I found myself surrounded by successful business owners and real estate investors who were collaborating with each other, building generational wealth, and sharing their knowledge with others.  As my network grew and I became introduced to wealth building strategies in real estate investing, cryptocurrencies, and sound money.